How To Pursue Your Dream Job

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What Is A Dream Job, Anyway?

Anyone out there working your dream job? Admittedly, this has always been a fascinating topic. You spend most of your childhood dreaming of things you could do or people you could become, and then at some point you just have to get moving. That may be a dream job, or it may be a minimum wage job to pay the bills. Ultimately, landing the top job is a tricky endeavor that you may spend the rest of your life chasing. 


The good news is, there is true science behind making the dream job come true. Research has proven in multiple studies that there is a tried and true method to increasing your odds at success. In fact, it is so simple that it takes minimal resources and some quiet time to do. Don’t believe me? Read further, then we can talk.

The Science Behind It All

If someone asked me, how do you know if something is your dream job, I think it boils down to one thing: do you find a general satisfaction in performing your daily activities? The trouble with statements like this is that it may take a long time to determine those exact activities. However, it is a key element for how the science comes into play.
For this particular instance, to get to that key element let’s try and bound what we mean by job in this instance. This could be your standard office job, a manual labor job, or maybe a stay at home parent, or some combination in between. Once you’ve honed in on the general purpose or activities that make the most sense, then forming a purpose statement helps bound your thoughts.
Dream Job: The light bulb can still come on


I’m actually a firm believer in writing out what that definition of dream job means to you. Once it is in writing, you now have something to point to and can challenge yourself. Because if you are convinced that money isn’t everything, then all your choices and actions should be predicated on that written statement. In other words, are my choices and decisions leading me to or supporting my dream job?
The amount of research around this topic of staggering but I’ll attempt to summarize. Thinking about a dream job or an activity that you want to do in turn exercises the right side of the brain. Essentially, this is your imagination at work. The key in writing it down is that your left brain then gets hold of this idea and writing it down is the literal representation of this desire. You’ve just connected the right and left side of brain. And guess what? The brain touches every fiber of your being. In the most literal sense, by exercising both parts of the brain around the idea, you’ve permeated it throughout your entire body. This is a powerful image.
   If you are reading that statement over and over again, and you truly believe in it, your brain with inform the rest of your body to guide you there. Even if you don’t consciously focus on the idea every waking moment, your subconscious is so fixated with this wanted reality that it begins to act for you. Your every movement and action will natural begin to act in support of this desire. So while you wait for your brain hack to skirt the system, it may be worth while to try this proven scientific method to achieve your dream job. 

Additional Research on Achieving Your Dream Job

If you ever want to dive deeper on the topic, there is a very popular and powerful book from Napoleon Hill: “Think and Grow Rich“. If you ignore the financial independence-tilt of the book, the philosophy applies to all life’s choices and the general pursuit of happiness. This combination of creative and logic pursuit of a dream job will eventually take root if you are relentless in your beliefs. But there is no fooling your own self: you must firmly believe in what you are pursuing.
I actually have my own written statement that I jotted down back in 2008 or so. Frankly, it’s out of date and was more of a goal, not a way of life or dream job. At this point, I’d have to take another shot at drafting it. I find it fairly natural that some of the dreams shift, but I also believe that the core of it remains the same. For me, that dream is still very much alive and it’s to have independence in my career. It’s possible that’s a job in a big firm, small firm or independently. That, I haven’t quite narrowed down but I do know I’m continuing to chase it.
Ironically enough, it is what has led to this blog. I have a passion for science and technology. I find our modern society to be a fascinating one. So as I progressed on this blog through the years, my natural attention started to shift towards these topics. Furthermore, there is opportunity to connect with others through similar beliefs and passions. And who knows, maybe that leads to something in the end.
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