A Jarkable Blog

Sometime back in the summer of 2010 I decided it was time the world heard my general meanderings. What started as a Taco Tuesday blog (whatever that means) about nothing morphed into a Jarkable blog (right). The Jarkable brand is all about the quirky, funny, educational, and interesting topics around modern technology and science. The goal is to deliver content that informs you and spurs your imagination.

Jarkable Mission

On every business form, they ask what kind of business you own. Blogging is not typically an option. ‘Education’ would be the preferred choice, but the prepopulated drop downs always suggest an institution. Clearly we are not that.

This isn’t about some need to be heard or making money. The purpose is to inform YOU about what is transpiring in your world and the impact new science and technology may have on your day to day.

Jarkable aims to start dialogues again; to engage around the ‘what if’s’ on new science and technology. Simply, the goal is to deliver content that not only informs you, but stimulates your imagination.

So click around the site. Please comment, share or disagree to your hearts’ content. Please also do so in a civil manner. However, know that the site is design to create interaction. No opinion is wrong, just often debated.



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