Smart Pills: Tech Flash

Not many people are enamored with studying for finals or preparing for a massive pitch to the customer. It takes a substantial amount of energy and focus. What if there was a way to enhance that [...]

Implantable Chips

That faint glow in your hand? It's an implantable chip. Your new key to access anything in your world. Companies and even your local watering hole are beginning to use these chips with their [...]

Fitness Tracker: Tech Flash

*buzz* You glance down at your fitness tracker. "10 steps to win the hour!". Time to get up and move. Your fitness tracker has kept you focused on your health again. But will this trend last?

The Drone Delivery Invasion

You are quietly having a coffee on your porch when suddenly you hear something. It is faint at first but becoming louder. A persistent droning noise that just will not go away. You then look up. [...]