Social Media

Social media technology is a curious phenomenon. It has a way of pushing the human race to new achievements. It helps connect those in need and can help foster stronger relationships. But social media can also be abused and used for all the wrong reasons. How much is social media on the hook for when filtering is content? Is it doing enough? Only one way to find out...

Augmented Reality

Flip in your contacts. You don't have trouble with your vision? Of course not, we're talking about AR -- or Augmented Reality. You didn't really think you'd have to lug that simulator around did you? Well maybe today you do, but in the future Augmented Reality will be far more simple than that...

The Digital Wallet

Not again. It's all I could think on a recent trip to Disney World. I had just paid for some unbelievable American food at this place called Wendy's. Somehow, I misplaced my credit card. Sound the alarms. Cue the identity theft, fraud and abuse worries. Funny enough this always happens to me on vacation. However, with the digital wallet, events like this should become a thing of the past. The question is, is the technology mature enough to trust all our critical information to? The age of [...]

The Growth of BCI

Brain hacking via the Brain Connection Interface (BCI) is often a very controversial topic. However, strides have been made in recent years to show promise in this field, yielding potential life changing remedies. Is it time we start taking the BCI more seriously?

Big Data

Big data. Sounds mysterious, maybe even mythical. But these two words are changing industries everywhere. A recent explosion in data mining and data processing has brought on the golden era of all things data. It's time we all got up to speed on what this phenomenon is and how its power is affecting our lives.

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